A Voice for the Voiceless

The CAPE COLOURED CONGRESS is a political party that has been started for the people that have been marginalised for too long. For the people that have been overlooked from jobs, housing, education and even safety & security.


The Cape Coloured Congress is born of frustration. As coloureds we have faced the brunt of oppression from a government that seems to dislike us intensely. Every attempt at fairness has been suppressed through legal means or foul play. As a people this party is our strongest chance of redress, everyone else can best be described as having failed horribly. What we want is total fairness.

That equal opportunity must be implemented as the local demographics demand. The CCC believes that all lives matter, with this in mind, know that we are happy to fight for fairness, irrespective of the Colour of the perpetrators.

Sadly, our struggle is a struggle within a struggle. But if we stand united, justice will surely prevail.



Community activists stage hunger strike outside Parliament