It is a Political Party that has been started for the people that have been marginalized for too long. It has been started for the people that have been overlooked from jobs, housing, education and even safety and security. If you have been affected by the bare minimum mentioned above, then this party is for you. Born out of the Gatvol Capetonian Movement, Cape Coloured Congress WILL on a continuous basis highlight our struggles faced on the Cape Flats. Our aim is to bring about the change we so desperately want to see in our communities. And we can only do it with your help.

The Party advocates for Pro Minority Rights with a special focus on the so called Coloured Community across South Africa.

Since the first democratically held elections in 1994, the so Coloured Community as a whole have become even more marginalized than what they were under the Apartheid Regime. This is because the Coloured Community, most specifically in the Western Cape, have historically voted against the ANC. As a result the ANC government destroyed the economy of the Eastern Cape in order to create a huge influx of black people into the Western Cape. This is done so that black people in the Western Cape can then vote for the ANC so the ANC can eventually rule the Western Cape.

As a result Black People from the Eastern Cape moving to the Western Cape are given preferential treatment with regards to housing, jobs, public schools and health care over our Coloured People.

Our Party strives to bring this level of awareness to the so Coloured Community so that they can see how they have been robbed by the ANC.

But what about the DA? The DA competes against the ANC for black votes, which is why you never hear the DA taking sides with the Coloured People (who incidentally, put them in power) because the DA don’t want to be called racist by the black minority.

The ANC does not care about the Coloured People. The DA does not care about the Coloured People. Therefore our Party seeks to open the eyes of the Coloured Community and make them aware of the injustices we have suffered under both Governments.

Welcome to Cape Coloured Congress. We hope you will join us in our fight to see the Coloured People, and everyone who is affected by the unfair practices of our Government, and finally be included at all levels of government and industry by hard work and skill, and not by the colour of your skin.