Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) Announces its President to run for Cape Town’s Mayor

Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) Announces its President to run for Cape Town’s Mayor

South Africa’s newest emergent political party, the Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) has announced that the party’s founder and leader, Fadiel Adams will be contesting for the local elections in November, for the Mayoral position in Cape Town. The CCC has created national shockwaves throughout South Africa as it has secured the second position in the recent ward elections. Despite its challenges and financial woes the CCC remains a game-changing political movement not only in Cape Town, but nationwide as it aspires to forge ahead in its need for equality for all South Africans.

“We must conduct an aggressive electoral campaign, if we truly intend to fight against political “giants” such as the ANC, EFF, and DA” said Fadiel Adams, the Founder and President of CCC, at a recent event. “The CCC has shown that the DA is a political party in decay, he added, and there is a need for a new Leadership to speak on behalf of the majority in Cape Town. Fadiel Adams has recently appealed to local business owners for their support in funding for this Mayoral Election campaign as the CCC aims to take on other parties such as the DA who have already secured and obtained resources of this nature. 

The primary goal of this party is to immediately address the marginalisation of the Cape Coloured Community. The political party also aims to address poverty, and minimise gangsterism. According to the President, the party’s main objective is to remove the DA in Cape Town, whilst building election machinery to secure future elections.  The CCC also aims to close the gap of inequalities between communities and empower all people fairly.

“We welcome all new members of Cape Coloured Congress and would like to acknowledge them for joining a movement for the betterment of our beautiful Mother City, Cape Town”. It is up to us to be the change that is needed in our communities.

One thought on “Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) Announces its President to run for Cape Town’s Mayor”

  1. Good day.
    I am sorry for one thing…
    That I decided to join this party so late. But as the saying goes “rather late, than never”.
    I do believe that it is time that we as the coloured people should raise up and stand together, as we did back in the days of the UDF. But lets us learn from the mistakes we also made back then. So that we can never repeat them.
    It has become clear to me that only us…will be able to look after us and will be able to take care of us.
    No one else will.

    Many thanks
    NB: Please contact me if you feel free to do so.

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