CCC statement on the death of FW de KlerkWe

CCC statement on the death of FW de KlerkWe

CCC statement on the death of FW de KlerkWe note the various messages of condolences, in particular from the Democratic Alliance. The false narrative that is portrayed about FW is that the man was a leader, he unbanned the various liberation movements and was part of the first Government of National Unity.

The CCC takes this opportunity to remind the citizens of South Africa that the United Nations declared Apartheid a crime against humanity. We remind the nation that the Apartheid government evicted people of colour from our homes, reserved the best land for whites and specific jobs were reserved for white people. People of colour received gutter education and gutter health.

Apartheid however did not start in 1948. It started with the arrival of white settlers who killed the indigenous people and waged a war of conquest against the various tribes of what became South Africa. The settlers introduced slavery and paid for labour in the form of cheap alcohol.

De Klerk was forced to negotiate given that the county was on the brink of a revolution. He struck a deal with the ANC that allowed for the first democratically elected government. At what expense we ask. At the expense of the wealth of South Africa remaining in the hands of the wealthy white elite.

FW never apologized for Apartheid. He was never punished for his crimes against people of colour. In fact he was rewarded. He became the Deputy President of South Africa under Mandela. He then became the leader of the official opposition at the time.

At the time of his death, he received a state pension the equivalent of the salary of state president, with the same perks, including security provided by the South African Police Service. The CCC considers this as an insult to our pensioners of colour who receive less than R2000 a month.

FW was a racist to his last day. Watch this space as he receives a State funeral at the expense of the taxpayers of South Africa. The CCC calls on the South African state to not use State resources to bury him. After all, when our people die it’s the duty of family and friends to bury us.

CCC is on the ground preparing our base for the national/provincial election on 2024. We intend to make sure our voices are heard in the provincial legislatures and the National Assembly. As a first step we will state our truth in these centres of power.

AK Matthews

CCC National Advisor

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