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Fadiel Adams

Fadiel Adams needs no introduction. A humble man from very humble beginnings. His voice, advocating for equality and freedom has been heard in many homes across South Africa and in a few other countries. His passion for highlighting our struggles is evident in his actions as he not only talks about it. He actually goes out and does something about it. From exposing corruption, going on hunger strikes to get us employed, and being more than just vocal about the daily injustices we face. Fadiel has made all of us aware that we can make a difference, and to be unapologetically proud of who we are.

You will notice that I didn’t add a contact number for Fadiel. All correspondence will go to Sakeena Frenchman on 063 177 5829.

" I refuse to see anymore good kids die of systemic causes. I refuse to watch anymore mothers cry at funerals burying their kids because a system that is supposed to protect them has failed to do so. We have reached a point in our lives where change is necessary. The power to bring that change lies with each and every one of you. Our children need it. Let's not allow a system to dump our kids where they dumped us. Let us give our kids a better future. Let us show them that they CAN and WILL have a better future. #CCC".