Fadiel Adams

“I refuse to see any more good kids die of systemic causes. I refuse to watch anymore mothers cry at funerals burying their kids because a system that is supposed to protect them has failed to do so. We have reached a point in our lives where change is necessary. The power to bring that change lies with each and every one of you. Our children need it. Let’s not allow a system to dump our kids where they dumped us. Let us give our kids a better future. Let us show them that they can and will have a better future. #CCC”.

Fadiel Adams needs no introduction. A humble man from very humble beginnings. His voice, advocating for equality and freedom, has been heard in many homes across South Africa and in a few other countries. His passion for highlighting our struggles is evident in his actions, as he not only talks about it. He actually goes out and does something about it. From exposing corruption, going on hunger strikes to get us employed, and being more than just vocal about the daily injustices we face, Fadiel has made all of us aware that we can make a difference, and to be unapologetically proud of who we are.

Sakeena Frenchman

“Our children are our most precious gift. They are the future, but what future are we going to leave them if we don’t take back our rights now? What future will they have if we allow this orchestrated genocide to continue?”

Sakeena is the heartbeat of this organization, responsible for the collection and dissemination of information Sakeena is the actual conscience of the party. She has a solid background in administration and was an active participant of many charitable causes.

Oscar Samuels 

“I stand for fairness and equality on any platform. Whether it is in a boardroom meeting or in a community setting, fairness is what makes everyone grow. When all of us stand together and address the atrocities of the past and the present together, we can effect change for a better future for all of us. Use the platform of the Cape Coloured Congress to make your voices heard loud and clear”.

Oscar has a deep and very active passion for his community in Parkwood. And that passion has overflowed to all the other communities. Oscar is fearless when it comes to taking to the streets and has been shot at a few times. But that doesn’t deter him from going out there and fight for our rights. Oscar has brilliant mediation skills and can calm down any volatile situation. Oscar is also in charge of our service providers section, so if you have anything you can assist us with for example a website or printing, please contact Oscar on the above number.

Jo Cooper 

“CCC is a political undertaking whose time is ripe. It’s the party with ideals that’s not only for Coloureds, but all South Africans. It is required for it’s next level of economic and political growth. It’s the Party for the future meaning that it is not just a political entity or vehicle to give people platforms to contest for political seats and positions, as is the case with current political outfits in SA today, but a platform for Change, attitude change and leadership transformation. CCC seeks to embrace simple policies aimed at improving lives of our people, and not well documented theories and strategies which have no meaning to ordinary men, women and children’s lives today. Our people need basic necessities such as food, shelter, good health, sound education and income either through employment or through business and with YOUR support CCC will and can achieve this”

Jo is an avid activist in the Mamre area. He was the one that Mobilized Mamre and got them on board Gatvol Capetonian. Currently Jo is organizing the communities of Atlantis, Malmesbury and Kalbaskraal. So if you are from those areas, get in touch with Jo.

Jo has many talents. From fundraising to event planning and active on the radio stations as well. He is well versed in the political arena and extremely structured. Jo is a big asset to CCC and he keeps us on our toes.

Jo will also be handling our membership fees and donations section.